Vanletics &
Knights Of The Island

Ten days full of creative and athletic challenges in a rally across the United Kingdom – for a good cause! We are Team #137 and want to do good by raising money for charitable projects in the areas of exercise, integration and education.

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Time for a rally –

Time to do a good deed!

The Rallye

Knights Of The Island (KOTI) is the ultimate road trip of the Superlative Adventure Club (SAC) SAC-Seite aufrufen. Starting in Brussels on 11 May and finishing in Edinburgh on 20 May, our route takes us through numerous cities and landscapes of England, Wales and Scotland. With a nearly 30-year-old VW T3 Bus we, Ingo & Kai, are on the road for ten days without GPS and navigation – but with a spirit of discovery and many other fellow campaigners! We are looking forward to our mission because for us, this rally is less about speed or getting a good ranking. Rather, our focus is on adventure, solving tasks and meeting challenges (presented in a roadbook handed over on site) as well as charity.

The Idea

We accept the challenge and combine the idea of charity with sportive activities. In addition to the rally equipment, we take along equipment for running, biking, climbing and swimming. Our bus serves as a small mobile "fitness studio" – in short: We stay fit on the way and do #vanletics. We cordially invite you to join us on this rally across the United Kingdom. Become part of this event and motivate us by supporting our projects with a financial donation or a donation in kind! For every Euro of your donations, we will try to do one minute of creative sports in/on/around the VW bus, no matter the weather or the time of day.

One minute of sports for every Euro
– Challenge accepted!

The Team

Two brothers - born 1981/1988 in Osnabrück (Lower Saxony) – with different preferences for sports, but a common interest in a road trip and full of enthusiasm to do a good deed.

Ingo  (37 years old)

Bus Driver, Businessman, Agency Professional, Mountain­biker, Founder Hi5 Network, Munich Kaffee-Piktogramm


Kai  (30. years old)

Bus Copilot, Teacher Trainee, Graphic-Designer & Computer Scientist, Runner, Wannabe Triathlete, Wuppervalley Herz-Piktogramm

Now it's your turn –

Your donation for a good cause!

Ich will da rauf! Gemeinsam klettern

Ich will da rauf!
Climbing together

Since 2008 the "Ich will da rauf! e.V." offers regularly supervised climbing groups for people with and without disabilities. Their vision is inclusion! It is about experiencing the joy of climbing together. Climbing is the ideal sport to experience your body and yourself. Climbing also offers a wide range of opportunities to experience that despite the differences – physical, mental or character – joint action and learning is possible. The aim is to strengthen people with disabilities for everyday life and to make people without disabilities aware of and sensitive to the everyday problems that a limitation sometimes brings with it. The association brings together people who would otherwise never meet. Climbing is an ideal sport for this. [...]

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Right To Play | Kinder stark machen & ihr Potential zur Entfaltung bringen

Right To Play | Making children strong & unleashing their potential

Every day, millions of children face poverty, disease and war. The crises affect above all those in society who are least able to do so: Children. Through play and sport, Right To Play Germany teaches children knowledge and skills and enables them to drive the change that is so urgently needed in their regions. Right To Play helps children to help themselves. In order to achieve a sustainable impact, the association works closely with local organisations and ministries. In this way, it can respond specifically to the needs of the local children in every country and every community. Teachers and coaches are trained in game-based teaching methods and materials, training and resources are made available – e.g. for the creation of nationwide curricula. [...]

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SHADES OF LOVE – The Himalayan and Andean Eyewear Project

SHADES OF LOVE – The Himalayan and Andean Eyewear Project

In the Himalayas and the Andes, the mountain peoples are exposed to brutal solar radiation and thus to harmful UV rays. These circumstances were intensified by the growing hole in the ozone layer. Due to this development, more and more local people are becoming victims. Due to the retinal injuries and worse eye diseases, they are no longer able to work outdoors and can therefore no longer guarantee the care of the family. In order to guarantee these people lasting health and the ability to work, only sunglasses are needed. SHADES OF LOVE collects these glasses and distributes them directly between the most massive mountain ranges and in hard-to-reach mountain villages. This simple and unorthodox concept has proven effective and popular in recent years. [...]

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We handle all donation projects via the platform, in order to guarantee the necessary transparency and security that the collected donations reach the respective projects in full.

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Since the beginning of the rally, 205€
have been collected by a total of 12 donations

Ich will da rauf!
Climbing together

Right To Play | Making children strong & unfolding their potential

SHADES OF LOVE – The Himalayan and Andean Eyewear Project

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